Equestrian Center

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Quality also matters at our Equestrian Center

Morgadinho Farm has developed its own equestrian center that today holds 8 horses. Not only do we lay importance on the quality of our properties and agriculture, but also in everything surrounding our beloved horses. We have twelve large grass fields that are watered and cleaned every day.

One enormous riding arena and one roundpad that has an ottomatta as the foundation and covered with geotextile fabric. These materials combined offer the perfect shock absorbent and steady surface for the horses’ hooves, while allowing water to flow.

The boxes are made with natural materials to ensure safety and harmony for the horses as well as taking into precaution our nature. We offer both wood shavings and wood pellets for the bedding. These are cleaned everyday and the horse manure is collected and distributed out on the avocado fields as a form of natural fertilizer. 



Our hidden gem lies in the heart of our avocado fields, to provide the calmest environment possible for the horses. There are possibilities for trail rides around the whole property.